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18 thoughts on “Home

  1. THANK YOU for giving me a shout out for my birthday!!!

  2. Greetings from Germany. Really nice Country Music here.

  3. My wife and would love it if you were on iheartRADIO. It would make your station available on all our devices.

    • Thanks for the request! We are actually available on all devices through the Tune- In radio app!
      You can also stream us from our mobile app!
      If you want to stream on an amazon echo, just tell alexa to “play cookin country KUKN on tune in”! Just like that we are available no matter where you Go!

  4. i love cookin kounrty

    • We love you back. Thanks for listening!


    • Close enough! We love you too.

  6. So great to hear Cort Carpenters new song!! Thank you for supporting our local superstar!

    • No Doubt Kristie! We had a lot of fun at the Cort show this year. We are fortunate to have such a great local artist to support!

  7. Kukn country
    makes my days
    Go by smoothly.
    Thank You!!

    • You’re too kind Sheila. Thank you! We will keep playing it for you!

  8. Can you play god your mama and me by Florida Georgia Line please I dedicated that song to my husband and would love to hear it!!.

  9. Is laurie morgan playing this year at the fair…please, got to know???thsnks Dawn

    • No, Craig Morgan is playing this year!

      • It’s gonna be an awesome show!

  10. who is performing at the fair this year?

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